Scientific Program

Scientific Program


Gathering and registration

Morning Session I                                                                                                                                                                                         


Chair of Session IA: Lital Alfonta (Hall 2)


Greetings and Opening Address


Obituary to the Late Prof. Chaim Yarnitzky

Eliezer Gileadi, Tel-Aviv University


Plenary lecture: Unconventional use of Biofuel Cells: Substance Release and Electrochemical Memristors

Evgeny Katz, Clarkson University, Potsdam, NY


Chair Of  Session IB: Jeremie Zaffran (Hall 2)

Chair of Session IC: Amit Shocron (Hall 3)

10: 40-11:00

Recent Advances in Modeling Transition Metal Oxides for Photo-Electrochemistry

Maytal Caspary Toroker, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

Electrochemical characterization of linear diffusion in polymeric and monomeric solvents

Ze’ev Porat, Nuclear research Center-Negev, and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.


Electrochemical and Kinetic Studies of LiNi0.50Co0.2Mn0.3O2 using Density Functional Theory

Mudit Dixit, Bar-Ilan University

Nafion confinement within nanochannels:  A Novel Composite Proton Exchange Membrane

Robert Gloukhovksi, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology


Coffee break

Morning Session II



Chair of Session IIA: Orr Schlesinger (Hall 2)

Chair of Session IIB: Marina Dronova (Hall 3)

11:45-12: 05

Electrochemical Biosensors for Point-of Care Monitoring in Mental Health

Hadar Ben-Yoav, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Hydrodynamic model of carbon felt electrodes for Vanadium Redox Batteries

Moshe Averbukh, Ariel University


Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Of Silicon Nano-forest For Biosensor Application

Nofar Hemed, Tel-Aviv University

Electrochemical energy storage in graphene films

Avraham Hanan, Nuclear Research Center-Negev and Ben- Gurion University of the Negev


Sensitive, fast and cheap approach for the electrochemical monitoring of pollutants in water

Andrea Buffa, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem

Nickel-Rich, Layered, LiNi0.65Co0.08Mn0.27O2 Cathode Materials with Nickel-Manganese Full Concentration Gradients

Evan M. Erickson, Bar-Ilan University


Gold nanoparticle metallization of flexible conducting polymer electrode  

Rakefet  Ofek Almog, Tel Aviv University

Study of ir core-pt shell catalysts for the Oxygen- reduction reaction (ORR)

Dima Kaplan, Tel Aviv University


Tyrosinase (a multipotent enzyme) and Electrodes Modified with nanoparticles for Fast and Highly Sensitive Environmental Monitoring and Medical Diagnostics

Judith Rishpon, Tel-Aviv University

Advanced Characterization Methods and Development Strategies for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Dino Klotz, Karlsruhe University, Germany


Lunch, Poster Session, Vendors exhibition

Afternoon Session III


Chair: Keren Yanuka-Golub (Hall 2)


Plenary lecture: Understanding the Biofilm Anode in Microbial Electrochemical Cells (MXCs)

Bruce Rittmann, Arizona State University, Tempe, Az


Chair of Session IIIA: Alon Szczupak (Hall 2)

Chair of Session IIIB: Meital Asraf-Snir (Hall 3)


General Modeling of Electrochemical Whole Cell Biochips

Yosi Shacham-Diamand, Tel Aviv University

Pulsed Electrodeposition of Semiconductor Nanostructures for Photovoltaics

Dr. Iris Visoly-Fisher, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev


Microbial Fuel Cells for Municipal Wastewater Treatment under Realistic Nutrient Conditions: Robustness of Performance, and Effect of Suspended-Cells

Keren Yanuka-Golub, Tel Aviv University,

Photoelectrochemical Degradation of Organics on Graphene Oxide / TiO2 Nanotubes Photoanodes

Shuli Halevy, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev


Flow-Through Electrode Capacitive Deionization Theory and Experiments

Eric N. Guyes, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

Forensic electrochemistry: Electro-oxidation of synthetic cannabinoids. Characterization and voltammetric determination of drugs in seized street samples and artificial saliva.

Marina Dronova, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Nanoparticles Imprinted Polymers: Shell-Selective Recognition of Au Nanoparticles by Imprinting using the Langmuir-Blodgett Method

Netta Bruchiel-Spanier, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Improving NiOOH Catalytic Activity in Electrochemical Water Splitting Using Transition Metal Dopants:

A First-Principles Calculation Based Study

Jeremie Zaffran, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology


Coffee break

Afternoon Session IV



Chair of Session IVA: Daniel Sharon (Hall 2)

Chair of Session IVB: Andrea Buffa (Hall 3)


Coordination-based Molecular Assemblies as Electrochromic Materials

Michal Lahav, The Weizmann Institute of Science

Non-toxic slippery antibacterial and anti-biofouling surfaces prepared by electrochemical methods

Alexander B. Tessler, Harvard University, USA


Hydrogen effect on precipitation hardened stainless steel in aged and deformed conditions

Sigalit Ifergane, Tel-Aviv University and Nuclear research Center-Negev

CaSO4 Scaling on Anion Exchange Membranes during Electrodialysis

Meital Asaraf-Snir, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev


Electrification of automotive industry – The challenge of the electrochemical community

Arieh Meitav, ETV Energy Ltd. Bar-Ilan University

Asymmetry induced electric current rectification in permselective systems

Yoav Green, Technion–Israel Institute of Technology


Electrochemical Deposition of Self-Assembled Monolayers and Hydroxyapatite on Orthopedic and Dental Implants Made of Titanium and its Alloys

Noah Metoki, Tel-Aviv University

Effects of Surface Transport on Water Desalination by Capacitive Deionization

Amit N. Shocron, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology


Ion Current Rectification Inversion in Funnel-Shaped Nanochannels

Leon Rosentsvit, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology


Improved electrochemical performance of Li-rich layered-spinel Li1.17Ni0.25Mn1.08O3 cathodes for Li-ion batteries

Prasant Kumar Nayak, Bar-Ilan University


Announcement of the Yarnitzky and Zinger Awards for Excellent Research Students

Concluding Remarks


 Book of Abstracts

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